High Performance STAR Line Pipe and Red Thread Facility Pipe for Oil & Gas

Fibreglass Solutions is a distributor for NOV Fiber Glass Systems’ STAR anhydride and aromatic amine line pipe, downhole tubing and casing, as well as Red Thread fibreglass piping for facilities.

STAR’s corrosion-free design provides improved flow characteristics and maximum service life. Combined with its strong, lightweight design and the simplicity and reliability of its API 8rd threaded joining system, STAR line pipe, downhole tubing and casing provides a low-maintenance system with a 20-year design life at full temperature and pressure rating.

Aboveground, Red Thread HP16 has characteristics to match, providing a low-maintenance, corrosion-free system for handling water, brine, oil, H2S and hydrocarbon vapours in Oil & Gas facilities.

More information coming soon…