Durable, corrosion resistant, lightweight & easy to install.

Historically, vessel owners and operators have had to face the grim reality of continuously replacing most onboard metal piping systems because of severe corrosion. Ships operate in seawater which is one of the most corrosive operating environments. Metallic piping corroded by seawater constantly needs to be replaced – this has resulted in piping systems costing two or three times the original investment since steel and other metallic piping systems are very costly to maintain.

Install a system that will serve for the life of your vessel.

Bondstrand piping is highly resistant to corrosion caused by saltwater, chemicals, residues and bacteria. Similarly, it resists external corrosion, even in aggressive marine environments.

Bondstrand fibreglass piping systems are the cost-effective, maintenance-free solution that provides corrosion- and erosion-free operation for the service life of your vessel.

Lighten up!

Bondstrand is not only significantly lighter than metallic piping systems, but it is much easier to install – especially in retrofit environments.

Bondstrand fibreglass piping systems weigh 75 – 85% less than a comparable metallic piping system, which reduces lifting equipment requirements – this is especially useful for retrofit and repair projects.

For more information, check out the literature for Bondstrand 2000M/7000M on our products page and contact us today to discuss your application and how we can assist with your high-performance FRP piping system.