As a Canadian distributor for FRP Bridge Drain Pipe, Fibreglass Solutions has assisted with the specification, design, installation and supply of fibreglass bridge drainage systems for over 20 years.

Corrosion Resistant, Strong & Light, Easy to Install

The inherent corrosion resistance of fibreglass piping is a perfect match for applications on road and highway structures. When compared to steel, fibreglass is highly resistant to salt, solvents, acids, oil, and other corrosive compounds that are commonly found in bridge drainage systems. Eliminating corrosion by using fibreglass instead steel bridge drain piping means decades of worry-free operation and a system that will never require replacement due to corrosion-related failures.


Reduced Weight Means Reduced Installation Costs

Fibreglass is a fraction of the weight of not only steel, but also thermoplastics like PVC. Lighter weight translates into ease of handling, and ease of installation. Despite being lighter weight, fibreglass is also much stronger than unreinforced thermoplastics. Minimum support spacing for fibreglass is more than double that of PVC, while being less than half the weight.

Join the Club!

Bridge owners and operators have relied on FRP Bridge Drain Piping to provide worry-free drainage for their bridge structures for decades. We look forward to discussing your application with you to see if FRP Bridge Drain would be of benefit to your system. Please contact us today.